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    John Bell demonstrates the new SLOMO lure from Berkley.

(CLEARANCE - LUCKY DIP - SAVE 50%) Berkley Slomo Lure 40 gram

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Product Description

CLEARANCE 50% OFF RRP - ( NOTE "1 LURE only") 40 GRAM SIZE  Curried chicken colour

Berkley Slomo Jig - Slow Jigging Lure – Perfect for Snapper Fishing!

The action is there in the name. The Berkley Slomo Jig Fishing Lure works at its peak with a slow rod tip action. For those who like to sit back in the boat, enjoy a drink or two and let the bait do all the work, this is far and above the perfect lure for you.

The lure is heavily weighted so it will get down deep to the tastiest reef dwellers. Set your drag, put your rod in the rod holder and let the wave and swell action on your boat do all the work for you. That’s right, such is the design of the Slomo, that the rise and fall of the boat will see your jig doing its thing in style. You sit back and wait for the strike. Alternatively, for those that require action, set your jigging rod with a Berkley Slomo Lure, grab another rod and try another technique. Working two lures in concert has never been so simple. Another option is to set several Slomo slow jigging Lures of different colours and/or depths to cover a greater strike zone.

Interesting to look at, the Slomo incorporates a squid skirt, a blade and a normal looking spinner lure into one hybrid unit. Double assist hooks means you’ll hang on to your fish, he’ll stay hooked and you’ll avoid the struggle often faced using trebles when it comes time to release.

 The blade can be placed on either the head or the tail. Then, slow jig for species such as Snapper, Kingfish, Red Emperor and Coral Trout. This is a Berkley Lure. You know that if it has the Berkley badge, it catches fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Berkley Slomo Jig
  • Lifelike 3D eyes
  • Moveable ball bearing spinner blade
  • Designed for slow jig action
  • Perfect for snapper and reef fishing

Note: Price displayed is for 1 lure only – As this is a clearance colour picking is now disabled.. Also image is for illustration. confirming only one lure is for the  displayed price. Curried chicken colour is all that is left



  • Can be set in the rod holder and left alone. Wave and swell action will work the lure perfectly.
  • As the slow jig lure can be worked by boat movement alone, you can try other methods or set other Slomo colours and depths.
  • Berkley lures are proven to catch fish.
  • Attracts some of our most targeted table species.

Don’t get left behind jigging fans. The slow jigging craze is getting super results with many of our favourite species. You’re backed by Berkley, so you can be confident the fish are going to find the Slomo irresistible. Set your rod, sit back and let the swell and the Berkley Slomo do all the work for you, until hook up of course, and then the fun starts. Purchase one of our Berkley Slomo Jigs for sale today!

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