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Camping Patch Repair Kits

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Camping patch Repair Kits (Select which kit you require when ordering)

When you’re out camping it pays to be prepared. It’s inevitable that at some point you will need to repair a part of your camping kit whilst you’re camping. At the very least your air mattress will spring a leak or your tent will start leaking at the seams. You may even tear the nylon on your fly. Canvas rips, plastic punctures, seams can come apart and you can puncture vinyl. Screen mesh is notorious for ripping and allowing the bugs inside. Enough said. The bottom line is that a good selection of repair kits are essential for trouble free camping. In stitch in time saves nine, it may also prevent a situation that sees your camping trip become less than relaxing and enjoyable. Grab a selection of repair kits and put them in your basket, better still, grab all 5 listed below and cover the more common issues faced when camping. You’ll be very glad you did.

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Elemental Brand Velour Air Bed Repair Kit

A flat mattress means no sleep. No sleep means no fun. The velour mattress repair kit contains 2 patches, 1 clear vinyl patch, 1 tube of cement and 1 plug and cap. Sleep easy knowing your mattress will stay inflated. Air mattresses are notorious for mysterious leaks. Have your Velour Air Bed Repair Kit on hand and ensure a good night’s sleep every night.

Elemental brand Vinyl Repair Kit

Some much of all of our camping kits contain vinyl. For that matter many of the products we have around the home are vinyl also. Repair vinyl boats, pools and blow up mattresses. This is an ideal quick fix in an emergency. And yes, a crying child, devastated because their vinyl boat has a hole in it, is indeed an emergency. The kit contains 2 patches, 1 plug and 1 tube of cement.

Kookaburra Brand Seam Sealer

Most seasoned campers will be aware that if a fabric tent or shelter is going to leak the most like point of ingress will be the seams. Seam Seal is a colourless and washable product, perfect for sealing leaky seams. Designed for use with nylon and other synthetic materials, a 50ml tube of Seam Seal will keep the water exactly where you want it, on the outside of the tent.

Elemental brand Tent Repair Kit GMA1510

A leaking, torn or busted tent is at best frustrating, at worst it can wreck a holiday. A simple tear, so easily repairable can allow water and bugs in, making your shelter somewhat less than liveable. With the tent repair kit on hand you can address repairs on the spot and see that they don’t become an issue. Modern tents are constructed of a number of materials. You tent repair kit has them covered. 2 adhesive backed nylon patches, 2 mesh screen patches, 2 spools nylon thread, 1 #4 needle, 3 ferrules, 114cm shock cord, 15ml seam sealer and a zip-lock bag for convenient storage. All you need to address the likely and common tent repair requirements. An excellent pack.

Elemental Brand Screen Mesh Patches GMA1505

When you let the bugs in for some reason all hell breaks loose. Interestingly, a tear or break in mesh is one of the most common issues both around the home and when out camping. Ensure you’re armed and ready for this common inconvenience with handy Screen Mesh Patches. Perfect for nylon, metal and fibreglass screens the kit contains 3 self-adhesive patches that will sort out most compromised screens. It’s recommended to have a few of these kits, just to be sure. Bugs are the pits and can put a big dampener on your outdoor adventure.

Grab one repair kit or the full selection of repair kits and head off to your favourite camping grounds knowing you’re fully armed to deal with the most common repair issues. Be prepared and camp easy.

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