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Bream Fishing Rod & Reel Combo - Shakespeare Wild Series

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Product Description

Shakespeare Wild Series Bream Fishing Rod & Reel Combo

The Shakespeare Wild Series Bream Combo combines target specific design, with a feature a laden rod and reel, that still manages to remain at a high-end entry level price bracket. This is excellent news for the Shakespeare fans, Bream fans, and those looking to fish performance equipment without having to break the bank.

Modern combination sets are not just slapped together in some arbitrary process. Shakespeare arrive at a perfectly balanced combo through research and testing. They set out to create a balanced outfit so as your average angler can avoid having to sift through multitudes of potential combinations when purchasing rod and reel separately. The guess work or hard core research is completely removed from the equation. Purchasing becomes a very simple process, where the angler, with negligible knowledge and experience, can feel completely confident they have an outfit perfectly suited to the advertised fishing application.

Whatever your method for catching Bream, the Shakespeare Wild Series Bream Rod & Reel Combo has you covered. Cast small walk the dog stick baits at the canal banks or over weed beds during the warmer months. Drop vibes at the estuary entrance when the weather turns cool and the fish gather deeper in the water column. You can drift live nippers across the banks from your tinny, fishing mono. Or rig up braid and cast cranks at the oyster racks; the Ultra-Light action has you covered for casting these sorts of lures that require fishing as light as you dare.

Whatever your method, the Shakespeare Wild Series Bream Fishing Rod and Reel Combo for sale now, will provide oceans of fun and confident sessions as you bag out on Australia most beloved estuarine species.


Features and Specifications

ModelLengthPiecesLine ClassActionReel Size
SKPWS6102UL 2.06m/6ft 10 inches 1pc construction 1-3kg Ultra-Light 30SZ (3000)
  • Rod & Reel (line sold separately)
  • Ideal for targeting bream in lakes and rivers. However also suits other light weight fishing like whiting, trout etc.
  • Rod: IM6 – Graphite rods for sensitivity
  • Rod: Lightweight stainless steel guides
  • Rod: Comfortable HTG Hybrid Tech Grips
  • Reel: 2+1 Bearing system reel
  • Reel: Aluminium spool and handle


  • Modern combos don’t resemble the slap up miss fits of decades’ past. You get a perfectly balanced fishing rig, in this case, designed specifically for targeting Bream,
  • Reel and rod are of equal standard performance. There is no bias in the building of this Bream combo outfit. Both rod and reel perform hand in glove
  • The Bream model has been kept light weight with a super light action. This is perfect for fishing braid using light weight lures.
  • Brilliant for land based or fishing from your boat or kayak. Casting qualities are outstanding, with brilliant performance from where ever you a standing, or sitting, when you point it in anger.
  • IM6 is a full graphite fishing rod blank. This is where you get brilliant strength combined with the sensitivity required of hunting for bream

For the most part, Combos have been totally focused on affordability. The Shakespeare Wild Series Bream Combo goes a step further by providing accessible pricing with performance and design tailored specifically for hunting Bream. Grab yours now!

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