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Booyah Spinnerbaits 1/8oz Micro Pond Magic

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Product Description

Booyah Spinnerbait lure- Great size for Australian Bass, Perch, and other light target freshwater fish species

Get into Micro Pond Magic and enjoy some magic on the water with Booyah Spinnerbaits. A diminutive little creature at 1/8 of an ounce you can expect however to get amongst some big fresh action. You’ll be fishing the streams, rivers, lakes and impoundments fishing from your boat, kayak or from a spot on the bank. The targets are all favourites including Bass, Estuary Perch and Yellow belly. You will also be tackling Brown and Rainbow trout.

Booyah are a high quality durable construction. The blade and skirt work beautifully in tandem creating the perfect amount of vibration, flash and water displacement. The 3D eyes add to a realistic appearance of a living bait, ensuring your target is completely fooled. The Mustard round-bent hook is super sharp and provides excellent penetration. It has the added benefit of snag resistance allowing you to get nice and deep into the holding zones of hungry predators.

The action is magic and on first viewing it will become completely clear as to why the Booyah spinnerbait lure is so successful. For such a small, delicate looking lure it is remarkably robust. It will see you through many casts, long battles and encounters with snags. Durability is a big plus for the coin conscious angler. With Booyah Spinner Baits you keep more money in your pocket while ensuring improved catch numbers and sizes. What’s not to like? The 1/8 ounce Booyah Spinner is for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 1/8 ounce
  • Hook Size: 2/0
  • 40-strand Bio-Flex silicone skirt
  • Realistic 3-D eyes
  • True-running “R” bend wire
  • Mustad round-bend hook
  • Ball bearing swivel


  • A brilliant spinner for the majority of a fresh water targets but also able to target bream and other light weight species in the saltwater as well.
  • This is a master spinner bait for those who love to fish as light as they can.
  • All components work in perfect harmony to produce an irresistible action retrieved at a high pace.
  • The Booyah spinnerbait lure is very easy to use, so great for the newbie to spinnerbait fishing. An anglers first expedition into the world of spinner baits is also highly likely to be met with great success.

The 1/8 ounce Booyah Spinnerbait represent excellent value as they will handle the hard fight and the clashes with the environment. This is a very important feature of a small, delicate looking lure. The Booyah is proving popular, so get in now and beat the rush.

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