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Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide Fishing Line

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Product Description

Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide Fishing Line

The exact make up of Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide Fishing Line is a bit of a secret. It is becoming common knowledge however that this single strand hybrid presents some significant benefits over braid or mono. The key feature is that you have the zero stretch of braid with the smooth, suppleness of mono. The added benefit is that there are less parts and processes to construction so the end price to you is significantly less than other top shelf fishing lines.

SSP has shown to be brilliant for the spin reel. The smooth surface allows it to glide past the reel lip with reduced friction as it ‘springs’ from the spool. The smooth surface allows it to pass through the guides, again, with significantly reduced friction. The outcome is a fishing line that casts further than braid with its rougher, less uniform surface.

Being more supple than braid, knot tying is easier and knots are significantly stronger. Independent testing saw line joins, I.E main line to leader, perform well above the specifications listed by the manufacturer.

Of course, being zero stretch, the line is super sensitive. You can feel everything. To add to this, monitoring is made easier with the addition of black 1 metre indicators making it easier to detect bites.

Remember Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide is not a mono or a braid. It stands in a class of its own, and performs with the best attributes of both. Grab a spool of Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide Fishing Line and test it for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be back for a whole lot more.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in either 4kg+ (0.13mm), 6kg+ (0.18mm) and 8kg+ (0.20mm)
  • 150 metre spools
  • Zero stretch
  • Marked with black 1 metre indicators
  • Incredibly smooth surface
  • Supple feel
  • Outstanding knot strength
  • Single Strand Polyethylene construction
  • Low friction

Price is for 1 spool only - Choose size when ordering


  • Brilliant casting qualities, particularly from spin reels.
  • Reduced friction through guides and across the spool lip.
  • The smoothness of nylon with the strength and low diameters of braid.
  • Knot strengths have been independently tested and are shown to outperform listed specs.
  • Can often cast further than a large variety of braid lines.
  • Hybrid components provides SSP with the good qualities of braid and nylon combined.

Black Magic SSP Fibre Glide Fishing Line is set to make its way to the spools of many a discerning angler looking for the low stretch of braid and the smoothness of mono. The single strand construction has led to SSP being significantly more affordable than other top shelf fishing lines.

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