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Ball Bearing Swivels - (With Snap)

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Product Description


Ball bearing swivels featuring a snap are considered an essential item of terminal tackle connections around game fishing circles in terms of effectiveness and durability. Unlike the common barrel swivels and crane swivels, ball bearing swivels are designed to withstand forces exerted by larger and more persistent game fish while eliminating line twist and minimizing line fatigue and wear.

What differentiates the ball bearing swivels from the standard swivels is the added use of ball bearings in their design. By using ball bearings, these swivels are stronger, freer to move and twist smoothly while mitigating line twist.

The smoother action of ball bearing swivels allows for unobstructed line movement. As a result, they can handle tremendous amount of pressure from big fish without failing because of friction.

The snap that comes fitted to the ball bearing swivel is firm and secure attachment that won’t fail under extreme pressure or conditions. Also, with the added bonus of snap is, it becomes really easy to switch between lures or lines depending on the fish you are aiming for. Just snap the swivel to your reel and start catching plenty of fish.

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Features and Specifications

  • Size ( See our chart below)  Price is for 1 packet only and prices vary depending on size / brand chosen.
  • Quantity (See chart below)
  • Among the best swivels available
  • Very durable
  • Can handle tremendous pressure
  • Designed for larger fishes
  • Change rigs and lure quickly and easily
  • Easy to attach so you can extend your rig in seconds and not waste valuable fishing time

Note: Image for illustration only. Differences may occur between brands and sizes



Swivel SizeBreak Rating (Approx)Pieces supplied in 1 packetBest Suited for use with
Size 4 Black Magic Brand 37kg 6pcs Line Class 10kg
Size 5 Black Magic Brand 65kg 5pcs Line Class 15kg
Size 7 Black Magic Brand 90kg 4pcs Line Class 24kg
Size 8 Black Magic Brand 160kg 3pcs Line Class 37kg
Size 5 Ocean Stream IFS 70kg 3pcs Medium Line Class (8-15kg)
Size 6 Ocean Stream IFS 90kg 3pcs Med-Heavy line class (15-24kg approx)
Size 7 Ocean Stream IFS 130kg 3pcs Heavier line class (24-37kg approx)
Size 3 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 4kg
Size 4 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 6kg
Size 5 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 8kg
Size 6 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 10kg
Size 7 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 15kg
Size 8 Black Pete Brand  - 2pcs Line Class 24kg
Size 3 Owner Brand     Line Class 6-8kg
Size 4 Owner Brand     Line Class 10kg
Size 5 Owner Brand     Line Class 15kg
Size 6 Owner Brand 72kg 4pcs Line Class 15-24kg
Size 7 Owner Brand     Line Class 24-37kg


  • The snap on the ball bearing swivel makes it easy to snap on a new fishing rig or lure
  • Essential connection point for game fishing rigs, favoured among game fishers for ease of use on the water
  • Change lures and rigs quickly, easily with full confidence of security
  • The highly efficient ball bearing swivel eliminates tangles and twisting on the line
  • Favored among game fishers as solid dependable terminal tackle that is less likely to fail!

When you’re targeting hard fighting fish, you want the best terminal tackle available, Ball Bearing Swivels with Snap won’t let you down, add some to your rig today!



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