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AUTO/MANUAL combo inflatable PFD - Watersnake (Adult)

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Product Description

Watersnake DELUXE INFLATABLE PFD LEVEL 150 (automatic self inflating life jacket – Manual combo)

Compromise on just about anything you like, but do yourself and your family a favour and never ever compromise on safety. It’s clear that many of us still do. Regardless of the rules, regulations and warnings, we still continue to forget about safety requirements or worse, completely ignore them. Where water safety is concerned, a life jacket may end up saving you and your loved ones a life time of anguish and pain. The Watersnake Deluxe Auto/Manual combo Inflatable PFD Level 150 is such a device that will give you and those that care for you some peace of mind when you’re out on the water. This PFD meets current Australian Standards being AS4758.1 and is comfortable enough to wear all day long and features a soft neck-liner to mitigate against irritation or chaffing on the back of your neck. It is tough and durable and fitment is very easy and provides a snug unobtrusive fit.

The Watersnake Deluxe self inflating Auto/Manual Inflatable PFD Level 150 can be set for manual inflation or auto inflate on entering the water. This Automatic PFD will suit adults from 40kg and above and will fit chest sizes 80cm to 140cm. This PFD is ideal for the an angler. It allows for plenty of movement and will save you in the event of a spill. Rock hoppers should really take note here. While PDF’s are not mandatory for rock anglers yet, it won’t be long before they are. It should be noted that this form of our wonderful sport is responsible for putting angling in the dangerous sport category. In fact, fishing is responsible for the highest rates of sporting death in Australia, and it is the rock hoppers that have to take ownership of this statistic. Wear a PFD - Personal Floatation device.

Features and Specifications

  • Sizes suit adults from 40kg and above
  • Fits chest sizes 80cm to 140cm
  • Inflation: Auto / Manual
  • PFD Level 150
  • Colours: Choose from Blue or Red when ordering from our menu
  • Velcro access for maintenance and servicing


  • It may one day save your life.
  • Your family will feel better knowing you are wearing a PFD when you fish.
  • Comfortable, designed to mitigate against chafing.
  • Provides excellent freedom of movement.
  • Auto inflation is an outstanding feature, particularly if you happen to hit the water suddenly, while encumbered in some way.

Don’t become another statistic. Wear a The Watersnake Deluxe Auto/Manual Inflatable PFD Level 150 and live. There are many rock hoppers the expert say, would still be alive today had they chosen to wear a PFD. It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, modern design has made them comfortable and far more stylish than they were in the old days. What’s more, you’ll be able to move with ease and freedom. Be safe. Get your Watersnake Deluxe Auto/Manual Inflatable PFD Level 150 now.



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