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Alvey Telescopic Bait Trap

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Product Description

Alvey Telescopic Bait Trap

Purchase an Alvey telescopic Bait Trap and revisit the joy and thrill of fishing with livies. For many Anglers, nothing can compare to the strike from a fish that is attacking live bait. What’s more, there is a certain Zen to collecting your own bait, not to mention hours of joy. One could put a strong argument together about the hierarchy of the 3 most used fishing baits. Let’s try. At number three, and a distant 3rd at that, would be the frozen bait. This is the sort of bait you procure from the big white freezer at your local service station. It is the least effective and depending on what you buy, can be the most expensive.

Second on the list would be artificials, or, lures. The modern lure is incredibly effective and dominates the shelves of tackles stores. The use of fishing lures requires quite a level of skill, are expensive and demands significant amounts of effort. Cast after cast can lead you to another colour, more casting then another. You have to persist and often require significant local knowledge. Of course, there is also the complete anguish of losing a $20 lure to a snag on the very first cast. The fury of losing another, 3 casts hence.

Number one on the list of common baits is the live bait, particularly baitfish like Poddy Mullet, Yakka and slimy Mackerel. The critical reason that live bait is best is because fish hunt live meals. They like to eat their prey whist the prey is alive, and the majority of fish species do just that. Live baiting is the most natural way to entice a fish. Using live bait is free, once you have purchased your Alvey Telescopic Bait Trap, there is no need to spend another cent on bait. Hooking live bait is an easy skill to acquire. All you need do with a live bait is cast and wait and the fish will do the rest until strike time. Fish attack live baits so aggressively, they often sink the hooks without the help of the angler.

The Alvey Telescopic Bait Trap collapses for easy transport and storage, is very affordable and easy to use. It’s for sale now and a must have for the live bait angler that is out to catch a load of poddy mullet ready for their next fishing session.

Features and Specifications

  • Bait trap extends from 14 cm out to 37 cm
  • Collapsible for easy storage.
  • Large end diameter is 14 cm
  • Small end 13 cm
  • Entry aperture is 3.5 cm
  • Suitable for catching Poddy Mullet for live bait.


  • Catching live bait has never been easier. Just fill with bread, weight and place in the water.
  • Save huge amounts of cash by catching your own fresh baits.
  • Big fish love live baits. Fish live and start ticking off some personal bests.

It’s time to revisit the unparalleled joy of fishing with live bait. Purchase the convenient, easy to use Alvey Telescopic Bait Trap and add it to your fishing kit. It’s easy to transport and carry so you can have it with you every time you head for the water. Live baits take big fish.

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