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Alvey Moulded Rod Bucket Belt

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Product Description

Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt

Do yourself a favour and purchase an Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt. While ideal for just about every fishing application the beach angler and rock hopper will love the Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt. It’s rock hoppers and surf anglers that, generally speaking, use the biggest and heaviest rods. They also spend many hours holding there rods pointed at the waves and wash wishing they were doing it with someone else’s back.

After standing there holding your 12ft rod all day, loaded with an anvil size sinker and a bait big enough to feed a school of fish, you’re starting to feel the strain. Your arms are fatigued, your shoulders are aching and you back feels as though it is 20 years older than the rest of you. You then realise you have only been standing there for an hour, not the whole day your body seems convinced of.

Your about to reel in and rest a bit when your bait is struck. Your rod is bent to within an inch of its life and your 14000 spin reel is screaming like a victim in a horror movie. This is a big fish, a big moment, the one you’ve been waiting for in fact, and all you can think about is that the coming fight has got chiropractor written all over it.

If you had have of equipped yourself with an Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt, fatigue would have been the last thing on your mind. The wonderful thing about the Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt is that it does what it is designed to do with absolute perfection. It takes the significant fatigue out of a long days fishing or a hard fight and keeps you focused on the joy angling. A simple idea, simple construction with a fantastic outcome. They’re inexpensive and a must for your kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Alvey Brand Moulded Rubber Bucket
  • Adjustable Strong webbing belt
  • Bucket mouth 55mm
  • Great ergonomic for improved fishing comfort


  • Keeps the fishing rod butt from rubbing and bumping into your midriff.
  • Takes the load off your back during extended periods holding the rod.
  • Gives you more leverage during a fight. Allows you to lay in hard to a stubborn fish.
  • Makes fishing more comfortable.

The Alvey Moulded rod bucket belt is your ticket to fishing comfort. Rest your arms and rest your back as the belt does most of the work supporting your fishing rod. They’re built to last and for sale now at a very affordable price.

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