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AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD

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Product Description

AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD

Many anglers own a trailer boats. For many, there is just no fishing without it. For others, a boat is just part of their fishing arsenal. For a whole lot more, it’s a piece of equipment they aspire to owning as soon as they save the funds, reach the right age or get their licence. Boating is huge in Australia and trailer boats, arguably, dominate the water ways, and the roads for that matter. Boating is an incredibly enjoyable pastime and, there is no better way to get the most out of the aquatic play ground that is Australia.

It’s not difficult to get a boat licence. The rules are easy to learn and it’s a fairly simple procedure. Becoming a proficient captain of a water craft however, takes quite some years of experience depending on how many hours you get to spend on the water. There is a lot to learn, from towing to crossing a bar. If you always focus on safety, boating will almost always be nothing but a complete joy. A great way to get in touch with all you need to know about trailer boat handling basics, is to purchase a copy of the AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD. Jim Sharpe from the Australian Boating College hosts this wonderful 60 minute instructional DVD with an aim helping you become a more proficient, safer, trailer boat user. Loaded with hints, tips and tricks the AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD is an excellent resource for all boating proficiencies, from the beginner to the experienced trailer boat handler. You’ll cover bar crossing, on-water boat handling, basic navigation, trailering, boat transport and maintenance, rope splicing and more.

The AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD is your handy guide to getting the most out of your trailer boat, while keeping yourself safe and those in your charge.

Features and Specifications

  • The DVD contains 60 minutes of excellent boating instruction from Jim Sharpe from the Australian Boating College.
  • The DVD covers, On-water boat handling, Bar-crossing, Trailering, Basic navigation tips, Boat transport & maintenance and Rope splicing.


  • After watching the AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD you can be confident of hitting the water with safety.
  • This DVD provides solid basic information from which you can use your experience to become a safe and proficient trailer boat captain.

While nothing beats experience, it is impossible to get out and get that experience unless you have a good grip on the theory and the basics. The AFN Trailer Boat Handling Basics DVD provides all that and more. You’ll be efficient on the boat ramp, safe on the bar and confident you’ll find the reef you’re looking for. This is an essential instructional video for all newbie trailer boat captains and experienced sea dogs.

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