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Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid 1500M

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Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid 1500m Hollow Core

There are plenty of anglers that fish hard with stick baits and poppers for the likes of GT’s, Blue Fin and Yellow Fin Tuna, Kingfish and more. These seasoned pros always pay attention to detail, especially their choice of fishing line. Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid delivers the dedicated offshore pro the consistency and reliability they demand in a fishing line. The added standout here is the added benefit of super strong, knotless splicing and excellent abrasion resistance.

Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid allows you to splice your fluoro or mono leader directly to your braid. Working on the same principal as a Chinese finger trap, once the leader is inserted into the hollow braid, when pulled, the braid tightens around the leader. It’s that easy and it’s impossibly strong.

Doing away with knots rids you of knot driven issues including variable knot strength and knots failing to fit through your guides. Plenty of lures are lost as you cast at a passing school of Tuna only to snap off your lure as the join knot jams in your tip runner. Incidentally, you miss the opportunity of the Tuna also. A spliced join with Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid is perfect for creating super smooth wind-on leaders.

The 16 strand 100% Spectra fibre Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid has enhanced Body Technology providing excellent abrasion resistance. This is ideal when your target turns nasty and heads for structure or starts getting clever with his sharp bits.

One of the outstanding features of Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid is that it allows you to fish for big targets with smaller reels. Spool up a class and tighten the drag without the worry of losing a battle to a bad join.

The United States manufactured Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid is available in 4, yellow coloured test classes. Stock up now with several 1500 yard spools of your preferred breaking strain.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Hollow core braid
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Spool size: 1500 yards
  • Test: 60, 80, 100 or 130 pound
  • 16 strand Construction
  • 100% Spectra Fibre
  • Made in the United States
  • Enhanced Body Technology

Note: Price is for 1 spool only – Choose which size you need when ordering


  • Excellent for creating wind on leaders.
  • Excellent for seamless connections for braided backing.
  • Ideal for game fishing with smaller reels. You can fish up a class and tighten the drag without fearing knot failure.
  • Brilliant for splicing. No more testing to see if your knots fit through your guides.
  • With splicing, you won’t send your lure flying solo into oblivion as there is no knot to get stuck in your tip runner.
  • Enhanced Body Technology provides excellent abrasion resistance for when the battle turns nasty.

Power Pro Hollow Ace Braid for sale now, is a high performance braid that provides significant benefits on a number of fronts. It’s ideal for the stick bait and pooper angler chasing GT’s, Kingfish and their angry mates. Easy, seamless splicing delivers superior strength, superior casting manners and dependability, ensuring you have the competitive advantage when determined fishing buddies are all out at sea.


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