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Palms Turn Pop Lure

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Palms Turn Pop Lure – Surface Popper Fishing Lures

It doesn’t matter what size fish you’re chasing – casting topwater lures always invites spectacular aerial antics.

The Palms Turn Pop Popper Lure is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. Designed for hunting bream and whiting on the surface, the 50mm, floating popper inspires the most sluggish of fish to breach the surface, attacking with aggressive intent.

Supplied with a combo of trebles upfront and twin assists at the back, you’ve hedged your bets, increasing the chance of a secure hook-up on smaller fish. The assist hooks have trailing rubber legs which offer another level of enticement, particularly while the fishing lure is paused.

Work it with a pop and long pause or try quick short sharp pops. Consistent skipping on the surface will also deliver exceptional results under appropriate conditions. At approx 4 grams, it’s pretty light, so best casting results will be on ultra-light to light gear.

We like the Palms Turn Pop Popper Lure for casting in rivers and estuaries. Casting toward the banks from your boat, or from the bank if you’re land-based will deliver excellent results. Fish them where whiting and bream congregate, particularly during the summer months.

It’s the colour selection that is impressive. If you can afford to purchase more than one or with a full complement of colours in your tackle box, you can get excellent results, be it the clear water or dirty, in whatever light conditions.

Experiment with colour. A simple change in colour can change a slow bite to a serious purple patch. The Palms Turn Pop Lure is priced to sell, so it’s only a small investment to stock up on the full-colour range.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Popper
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Depth: Top water
  • Hooks: Treble front, twin assists at the back
  • Length: 55mm
  • Weight: 3.99 grams
  • Palms Turn Pop Lure is ideal for fishing lakes and rivers. In larger saltwater bodies of water, the Palms Turn Pop Lure excels when worked over shallow sand flats and weed patches. Ideal for targeting bream, bass, whiting or other light sport estuary targets.


  • It’s easy to extract peak action from the Palms Turn Pop lure with a variety of retrieves.
  • Enticing legs on the rear assist hooks deliver added enticement, particularly while paused.
  • Perfect for fishing light and ultra-light.
  • Quality components for countless battles. Excellent value for money.

The Palms Turn Pop Popper Lure is for sale now. Cast it all year round for an outstanding class of bream. Come the summer months; you’ll love the topwater action with record-breaking elbow slapper whiting.


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