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Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures

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Product Description

Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures

It’s difficult to understand why you would save your swimbait fishing lures for the fresh alone. These guys are devastating in the salty stuff and why wouldn’t they be!

Just to be sure where getting the message, the Bora Slow, from Lake Craft Swim baits for sale now, has been fitted with the hardware that will provide the salt angler with the confidence they desire while covering the needs of the fresh angler who chases a much larger class of fish.

The Bora Slow is fitted with premium 6X saltwater grade ODZ Trinity SX hooks. They’re connected via HD stainless split rings. The Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow lures are ready to hit the blue water, no additions or hardware changes required. It’s salt ready, out of the box.

As the Bora Slow name suggests, it sinks slowly and is best worked or trolled at a slow to medium pace. The action created by this articulated master lure is incredibly natural and totally irresistible.

Work your rod tip and retrieve to impart a ‘death throws’ action. Predators love an easy meal, and a dying bait fish represents the easiest meal there is. Sudden jerks coupled with a longish pause is ideal.

The strong body roll allows the belly to catch the light, throwing off irresistible flashes your target will immediately fall for.

Troll in the salt or fresh straight off the boat. Use a down rigger or weight should the fish be feeding lower in the water column. Feel free to cast the Bora Slow, it’s an easy retrieve and it casts for miles.

There are some amazing colours from which to choose, so you can guarantee there will be a Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow colour that is perfect for your neck of the woods.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Swim Bait Fishing Lure (salt and fresh water)
  • Length: 150mm
  • Weight: 42 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking (slow)
  • Hooks: Twin treble 6X saltwater grade ODZ Trinity SX hooks HD Saltwater Edition
  • Rings: HD stainless
  • Retrieve: Slow to medium straight retrieve. Jerk with long pause

Note: Price is for 1 Lake Craft Swimbait only. Multiple images are for reference only. Choose which colour you require when ordering.

Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow Lures Buyers Guide

The colours of these swimbait lures appeal to both freshwater and saltwater fishing targets. Our most popular choices for those that hit the freshwater naturally will be the rainbow trout, brown trout and flame tail pattern which could be used to replicate a mullet or perhaps carp. Crossing over to the saltwater the Flametail is also an ideal choice due to its semi mullet appearance as is phantom and the Mauwashi colour that could be mistaken for a pilchard.

The thing to remember with the Borra Swimbait is that unlike some other swimbaits in the market place they are designed to sink slow and stay in the strike zone longer.

At 150mm and 42 grams you will be targeting a larger class of fish including the likes of Barramundi, Jewfish, Coral Trout, GT, Kingfish, Aussie Salmon, Jacks, Mackerel, Murray Cod as well as record breaking freshwater XOS Trout.


  • The stainless rings and saltwater grade hooks provide money saving durability and longevity for the budget conscious.
  • 6X strength trebles give you all the holding power you need to wrestle with anglings toughest of prey in the salt and the fresh.
  • The design and articulated construction does all the work for you. Getting the best action out of your Bora slow is as simple as slowly cranking.
  • A great range of colours allows you to explore different environments, salt and fresh, with the diversity you need to attract colour fussy feeders
  • At 150mm and 42 grams, you can expect plenty of interest from the types of fish that break records.

If you’ve not used a swim bait in salt before, grab a hold of some Lake Craft Swimbaits Bora Slow lures and get casting at your predatorial favourites. Expect plenty of brag rights and a heap of likes on your face book pics. Your buddies might throw you a few jealous thumbs down too…but that’s great news!

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