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Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jig Lure

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jig Lure – Slomo Jigs

One of the latest and most popular boat fishing lure techniques in Australia is slow jigging. A sit back and relax approach where you let your boat do all the work. Simply attach the Jarvis Walker deep water jig lure to your line, place the rod in the rod holder and let your boat bob up and down with the swell to work the jig over the reefs below whist you concentrate on fishing other lures or baits on your alternative rod setups. Of course, you don’t always have to use the set and forget approach, you can work them up and down the water column at a relatively fast retrieval if you prefer.

Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jigs are going to attract the attention of saltwater reef fish including snapper, red emperor, coral trout and morwong but are also ideal for kingfish, cobia, and a range of tuna species.

We have a range of weights for sale. When ordering choose either 60 grams, 80 grams, or 100 grams. If you don’t have a restricted budget we suggest purchasing a few and in a range of sizes. The heavier models will suit when you need to get the lure down deeper and faster, perhaps when the current is stronger, or if you want to achieve a faster erratic action upon lure retrieval.

Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jigs are built with quality materials including the use of two Mustad Hooks which are tied to the jig with Kevlar cord. Kevlar is a material that can be found in bullet proof vests. Silicone skirts are used to assist in proving an enticing action and being able to last through a bit of punishment from the angler and the fish they are targeting.

Features and Specifications

  • Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jig
  • Suitable for saltwater offshore boat fishing
  • Slomo style jig – ideal for slow jigging (can be worked faster if desired)
  • Available in either 60 gram, 80 gram or 100 gram size
  • Two sharp Mustad hooks
  • Kevalar cord attached to hooks
  • Soft silicone skirts
  • Excellent fishing lure for snapper, morwong, red emperor, coral trout, tuna, kingfish, cobia and a large range of other reef to mid water fish species.

Note: Price is for 1 Jarvis Walker Deep Jig only. Choose which size you require when ordering.

How To use

The best way to fish the Jarvis Walker Deep Water jig is as mentioned earlier is by using a set and forget approach by setting your drag, placing the rod in the rod holder and positioning the lure so it dangles up and down with swell action above the reef below. Or send the lure straight to the bottom or to the depth fish are showing on your sounder then jig up at a faster pace. Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jig lures are so simple to use, they make a great choice of lure for any kids you may take aboard your boat, since they don’t require a lot of work.


  • Ideal for the lazy fisherman who just wants to use a set and forget approach and perhaps lay back and knock down a few cold ones instead. They also make a great option when you have a spare rod onboard not in use. Put it to work and increase your chances of taking home a catch.
  • Easy to use – these deep-water jigging lures are so easy that they make great lures for kids to use on a boat offshore.
  • Quality hardware is used such as Mustad brand fishing hooks, Kevlar cord and silicone skirts so that they can handle a little bit of punishment by both the angler and the fish being targeted.

Jarvis Walker Deep Water Jig Lures are one of the most affordable style of slomo jigs on the Australian market. All that’s left is for you to decide which size and how many you wish to purchase.

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