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Jarvis Walker Bullseye X Reel Spin

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Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel - Spin

Jarvis Walker made their name in the Aussie fishing market by offering affordable fishing kit that allows the tightest of budgets to get out and fish. The new Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel-takes the principals of affordability and integrates it into a performance reel that will appeal to more discerning spin reel anglers.

Offering the perfect inshore size options, there’s a 2000, 4000 and 5000. This list covers just about every inshore application, and what’s more, the Bullseye X will do it with excellent feel and class.

The lightweight models deliver a silky smooth crank and have plenty of drag power for turning fish back to the boat. This generous drag power is backed up decent spool capacities ensuring the Bullseye X fishing reel will punch well above its weight.

The Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel-deserves the interest and praises it’s currently getting. Do yourself a favour, save a few bucks and hit the water with performance spin from Jarvis Walker. The Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel-is for sale now here at Fishing Tackle Shop.

Features and Specifications

ModelPhysical Size ClassRatioMax DragApprox. Braid Capacity
Bullseye X 2000 Small – For lakes, Rivers, light inshore fishing 5.1:1 11lb 6lb/262yd
Bullseye X 4000 Medium – For med-heavy river, lake and inshore fishing 5.0:1 15lb 10lb /295yd
Bullseye X 5000 Medium – for med-heavy inshore fishing, light surf or offshore boat 5.0:1 20lb 20lb/328yd
  • Ball bearing system: 6+1
  • Core body construction: Aluminium
  • Rotor Construction: Carbon
  • Carbon rotor
  • Spool: Aluminium with braid gripper design (line not included)
  • Fibre-reinforced drag system
  • Hande: CNC with EVA knob handle

Note: multiple images of the reel are for illustration only. Price is for a single Bullseye X spin reel and price will vary depending on the size you select when ordering.

Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Suggestion Guide

The 2000 Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel is a great finesse option, ideal for targeting everything from bass and trout, to whiting and bream on the lightest of soft plastics. We suggest a fishing rod rated between 2-5kg and around 7ft+ in length.

The 4000 covers everything inshore and will be the perfect weapon for casting larger lures, hard and soft, at the biggest of flathead. The 4000 is big enough to chase bream, whiting and flathead from surf gutters. The reduction in weight makes for a leisurely day on the sand. We suggest rods around 7ft-8ft for the 4000 size, rated 4-6kg plus.

The 5000 Jarvis Walker-Bullseye-X Reel will do all of what the 4000 will, but you can also include big Aussie salmon and tailor, barra, snapper as well as big pigs and massive bream from the rocks. It’s an excellent option for smaller to medium mulloway from inside the heads. Our rod suggestion is a 6-7ft rod for heavy inshore or light offshore with a line rating of 5kg+. If surf or rock fishing, the 5000 sized Bullseye X makes a great option with rods around 9ft in length through to lightly rated 11ft surf rods.


  • Brilliant for light-medium inshore work. Suitable for a wide range of species from bream and whiting to tailor, salmon or barramundi in the north.
  • Six bearings deliver a smoother, confidence-inspiring crank.
  • The lightweight construction reduces angler fatigue.
  • Fantastic drag capacities see the Bullseye x spin fishing reel punching well above its compact size and lightweight.
  • Ideal for casting lures of all types, yet equally suitable for natural baits including live baits and other flesh baits.
  • The gear ratio offers a nice balance between cranking power and speed for cranking.

The Jarvis Walker Bullseye X Spin Reels are for sale now at the fishing tackle shop. If you’re looking for a lightweight, high-performance spin reel without the pain in the pocket, the new Jarvis Walker Bullseye X Reel is screaming for your attention.


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