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Shimano Spinning Reels


Shimano Spinning Reels For Sale – You’ll be impressed by our large range of fishing reels we have for sale here at For Sale and in the Shimano range we stock models that are affordable for budget conscious anglers, mid priced model reels for those that want a mix of value and quality and then top shelf ranges for the very serious angler. Our range includes popular models such as the Stella, Stradic, Sedona, Sienna, Saragosa and just about all other models of the best selling Shimano Spinning Reels. Check out our range below which have categorised for your convenience. Simply put we have placed our Shimano Spinning Reels into light class fishing and heavier style fishing applications.

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Light – Medium class Shimano Spinning Reels (fresh & Saltwater) 
Shimano Ultegra FB Fishing Reels

Shimano Ultegra FB Reels are an affordable mid priced range spin reels. See our range of sizes for inshore through to light offshore

Shimano Sedona Fishing Reels

Buy Here - Shimano Sedona reels for the budget conscious angler that wants a reel with a level of half decent quality

Shimano Sienna Fishing Reels

Shinano Sienna – great primarily for the inshore angler fishing, lakes, rivers and streams. An affordable budget priced spin reel

Shimano Stradic Fishing Reels

Now For Sale, Shimano Stradic Reels are a mid-range reel with some seriously high quality features. See what’s on offer now

Shimano Sustain Fishing Reels Rods

Shop Now for Shimano Sustain reels in small and larger sizes to cater for saltwater and freshwater fishing

Shimano Hyperloop Fishing Reels

If you’re looking for the most affordable reel Shimano Hyperloop has you covered. They even come spooled with line ready to go

Shimano Nasci Reels

Buy Shimano Nasci reels for light to medium fishing styles here. A very affordable reel.

Shimano Twin Power Reels

Gear up with a Shimano Twin Power. A very impressive spinning reel for the serious angler looking for a high end reel

Heavy Duty Saltwater Spinning Reels 
Shimano Biomaster Fishing Reels

Buy Shimano Biomaster Fishing Reels to catch tough opponents in salt water conditions smoothly

Shimano Saragosa Fishing Reel

Buy a Shimano Saragosa if you’re after a reel to handle serious tough saltwater opponents. They’re even really affordable

Shimano Stella Fishing Reels

Shimano Stella – is the top of the class, ducks guts, master of the Shimano reel, they’re not cheap but so worth it! – Suitable for anglers looking for the best!

Shimano Twin Power SW Reels

Looking for a top shelf reel to get the best performance? Shop here for the Shimano Twin Power SW

Shimano Long Cast Fishing Reels

Find top Shimano Long Cast Fishing Reels here if you’re looking to cast long distances! We have carefully selected the best Shimano reels for long casting.

Shimano Socorro Reels

Check out our range of affordable Shimano Socorro SW Saltwater fishing reels here for beach, rock and boat.





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Our Top 5 Best Selling Shimano Spinning Reels


Size Guide

Not sure what Size spinning reel you need? – See our handy Size guide HERE


Shimano Spinning Reel Range – Not every angler can afford top shelf style like the Stella, Twin Power or Sustain and not everyone wants a budget entry level reel like the hyperloop, sienna or Sedona and here at Fishing Tackle Shop we understand this so have set out to provide you, “our customer” a range for sale to pick from that compliments just about all the models of spin reels that Shimano produces. So, our range covers practically just about any budget and application that an angler can think of.

Shimano Spin Reels – are one of our biggest selling ranges, Shimano Australia is actually our biggest account out of all the suppliers we deal with so it’s obvious what the angler wants and why? We’d say the answer likely lies in the quality that is provided at such an accessible price.

Plenty of sizes - A spinning reel is the most popular choice of fishing reel here in Australia and we cater to all anglers fishing lakes, rivers and streams with our 1000, 2500 and 3000 sized reels. We also cater for the heavier inshore angler and light offshore angler after the larger fish such as Barramundi, snapper, saratoga or mulloway by providing plenty of options in a Shimano 4000 or 5000 size. Rock, Beach and boat anglers are also covered by our range of 6000, 8000, 10,000 right up to 30,000 size reels. Really, no matter what style of fishing your doing be it freshwater or Saltwater, we have a Shimano Spinning Reel for you! Should you need help in picking one, simply contact us and we will point you in the right direction.