Berkley X5 Or X9 Braid Fishing Line

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RRP $19.95 - $299.00
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Berkley X5 Braid or X9 Braided Fishing Line

Superline is now an angling standard term for braids of outstanding performance across all measurable criteria. Berkley has been a braid leader and innovator for years now, and they haven't stopped developing new and better braids that will perform for you at the highest standard in all applications, in all conditions.

Berkley X5 braid or X9 Braid delivers outstanding strength, zero stretch and reliable abrasion resistance. With Berkley X5/X9 Braid, the biggest improvement comes in casting performance. Thanks to an extra strand running down the centre, the outer strands are pushed out to deliver a much rounder line profile.

The round profile is the feature that delivers casting performance. Firstly, the round profile passes through your guides with far less friction. The result is longer, more accurate casts. Secondly, the rounder profile packs more uniformly onto your spool. There is less chance of casting loops forming, and losing cast distance though line peeling off the spool unevenly.

The added bonus is that a rounder profile delivers stronger knots that are far easier to tie.

Berkley X5/X9 Braided fishing line for sale now is available in 2 great colours. Flame green is perfect when high visibility is required. Crystal or white colour provides a more natural alternative for when stealth is the mode of attack.

While a little pricier than other braids, Berkley X5/X9 Braid is a superline. It delivers the highest level of performance across all criteria and is a line for the pro or more discerning angler, where line selection is critical to their application.

Fishing for the toughest fish requires the best of lines. Spool up with Berkley X5 braid or X9 Braid for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • 100% PE fibres
  • Available in high Vis Flame Green or Crystal
  • Superior roundness
  • Near zero stretch
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Tough not strength
  • Outstanding casting qualities

Note: Multiple images are for illustration only. Price is for 1 spool only and the price will vary depending on which meterage and model you choose to purchase.


4lb/0.06mm, 6lb/0.08mm, 8lb/0.1mm, 10lb/0.12mm, 15lb/0.14mm, 20lb/0.17mm, 30lb/0.2mm, 50lb/0.3mm, 80lb/0.4mm, 100lb/0.43mm (yes the diameters are the same for either x5 or x9)

The Berkley X5 and X9 Braid difference

Well, we have covered all the basics in our little spiel but what is the difference between Berkley X5 braid and Berkley X9 Braid you ask? The answer lies in the number of carriers (or strands) that are used to create the product. X5 is constructed via a 4 strand process plus an inner core making it a 5 carrier superline and X9, you guessed it is 8 strands plus inner core making it a 9 carrier superline. Most advanced angles that appreciate a smoother cast and a better performing line choose the X9 model as simply put it is performance brilliance. The X5, whilst it may not be as brilliant in casting manners is still most definitely a solid performer all round line ideal for those anglers that might not quite have the budget for Berkley X9 luxury.


  • The rounder profile delivers excellent casting manners, promoting longer, more accurate casts
  • The two contrasting colour selections provide for high vis or stealth depending on your application.
  • The round profile delivers outstanding knot strength.
  • The near zero stretch delivers incredible feedback. You can feel the most subtle and delicate of lure movements.
  • The tough abrasion resistance allows you to fish the structure with confidence knowing your braid won’t be easily compromised by gnarly fish hideouts.

Berkley X5/X9 Braided fishing line is a high-performance braid for the angler who demands the best. Designed for outstanding performance in every application, Berkley X5 or Berkley X9 Braid for sale now will become your first choice on every spool you own.


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