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Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad Lures

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Product Description

Powerbait Gotam Shad lures 3 inch or 4.5 inch

There’s nothing quite like the action of a paddle tail. Toss one out and the sky’s the limit. With the Powerbait Gotam Shad in 3 inch or 4.5 inch, expect anything from a monster flathead, record Bass, mangrove jack, cod plus a host of other fish regularly, and a whole bunch of happy bragging pics to compliment.

The Powerbait Gotam Shad fishing lures for sale now, reminds us of the early days of soft plastics when we felt they could do anything. Well, the Shad does anything and more, and should never be out of reach when combing the estuaries, rivers dams and impoundments for whatever fish it is you fancy.

The New Gotam Shad makes the soft plastic fishing lures of old look like an old boot with trebles. These guys are as real as they get. With the translucent body showing off the mylar foil insides you get that ‘see inside the fish’ view you get with real bait fish.

Add 3D eyes, micro sparkle and the best paint job you’ll see on a soft plastic anywhere, and you have a serious weapon for nailing serious fish. Fish as light as you can for the best action. Don’t be afraid however to weight up a little if conditions and target demand.

The classic colours ensure there’s a Powerbait Gotam Shad selection for your waters. It’s always advisable to have a selection to ensure you pick the mood of the day. A great idea is to check out the baitfish in the area you are fishing and match up the colour. You could even try a contrasting colour. The rule of thumb is to experiment.

Armed with a selection of Powerbait Gotam Shads for sale now, you’ll turn the most sluggish of bites into a purple patch within moments of hitting the water. Buy your selection now.

Features and Specifications.

  • Type: Soft Plastic
  • Model: Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad
  • Length: We sell either 3 inch (4pcs in a pack) or 4.5 inch (3pcs in a pack)
  • Powerbait scent infused
  • Internal mylar foil
  • Live Look Shad Pattern
  • Holographic insert for fleeing baitfish flash!
  • Realistic 3D Eye
  • Note: Price is for 1 packet only. Multiple images are for illustration purpose.

Berkley Powerbait Gotam Shad Lure Buyers Guide

Perfect for both freshwater or saltwater fishing styles the 3 inch size is the size you need for targeting your regular river and lake flathead, bream, Australian bass, redfin perch and your other mid-light weight class of fish.

The 4.5 inch size however is the go to pick if you are targeting a larger style of fish species such as barramundi, murray cod, larger flathead, mulloway, fingermark, queenfish or mangrove jack.

In addition to the plastics All you need to do is purchase a pack of jig heads (sold separate) or use a unweighted weedless hook and rig up.


  • With Powerbait scent infused into every bait you get the power of a bite hold 18 times longer, providing much more time to judge the perfect strike.
  • Internal mylar foil coupled with the translucent design creates the genuine baitfish appearance .
  • The live look shad design works perfectly with the holographic insert for fleeing baitfish flash and the realistic 3D eye for true representation of the real thing.
  • At 3 or 4.5 inches whichever size you choose to purchase, you have access to a huge range of fish. Fishing the larger plastic attracts a larger fish without excluding a more modest size specimen

The Powerbait Gotam Shad for sale now will change the way you look at soft plastic fishing lures. Essentially, after the first time you use one, the lure you’ll look at most often is your Powerbait Gotam Shad Lures. The Shad will be a go-to master plastic whenever and wherever you fish the inshore waters.

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