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Berkley Jig It Light Jigging Lures

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Product Description

Berkley Jig It - Light Jigs Fishing Lures

When the big pelagic species are hanging low, there is nothing like a light jigging lure to hit the perfect place in the water column and stir up a frenzy. The Berkley Jig It Light Jigs for sale now are a new release which sit firmly in the light jig market. They will prove seriously deadly on a host of fish from snapper, kingfish to tuna and all sorts of other saltwater fish species in between. The beauty of this latest Jig offering from Berkley is that these jigs come pre-rigged and ready to drop.

You can simply drop the Berkley Jig It lure down and retrieve it fast with the occasional jig or leave it down there and use a standard jigging motion to stir up an attack. Rigged with a single assist hook, the point is tapered and super sharp for maximum penetration.

We sell 2 types here for sale at Fishing Tackle Shop, The Berkley B Dropper and the Lolly Drop model. You might be wondering what the difference is, well not much really, they are both light jigs however the B Dropper model is perfectly balanced, and rear weighted to be a slow fall jig whereas the Lolly Drop model is a centre weighted flutter fall knife jig.

Keep in mind that absolutely everything will attack these light jigs. You might want to put some consideration into your leader if there are toothy critters about. The B Dropper or Lolly Drop is available in 28 and 40-gram sizes.

Don’t be surprised when your jig is monstered on the drop. The colour and action make for an irresistible action that drive pelagic species and other reef species absolutely crazy. Don’t be fooled by the size either. While more or less micro jig size, big fish can’t resist them, take the whole jig and ensure a solid hook-up for a fair fight.

Grab one or purchase a selection of both jigs and hit the blue water for some serious pelagic action. If are by a reef, there is no telling what scaly monster will attack. Be prepared.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Berkley
  • Suitable for light jigging – saltwater offshore ideal for snapper, kingfish and more through to tuna.
  • Baitfish profile fishing lure
  • Metal construction

Note: Price is for one lure only, prices will vary depending on which model/size you choose to purchase. Multiple images for illustration only.</>

Model Specific info


  • Type: Light Jig
  • Profile: Bait Fish
  • Hooks: Single Assist with a tapered point (pre-rigged)
  • Balance: Rear Weighted
  • Drop Speed: Slow
  • Weights: 28 gram or 40 gram

Lolly Drop

  • Type: Light Jig
  • Profile: Bait Fish
  • Hooks: Single Assist with a tapered point (pre-rigged)
  • Balance: Centre weighted Flutter Drop action
  • Drop Speed: Slow
  • Weights: 21 grams or 40 grams


  • Slow drop for catching fish on the way down keeping the jig in the strike zone longer.
  • Tapered hook is incredibly strong and super sharp for ultimate penetration.
  • Sold pre-rigged and perfectly balanced ready to drop.
  • Brilliant for a very broad range of fish species and a very broad range of fish sizes.
  • Super easy to work to achieve peak action.

The new Berkley Jig It - Light Jigs, Lolly Drop or B-Dropper jigging lures for sale now is a VIP pass to serious pelagic action out on the blue water. At this price, you may as well stock up on a range of sizes and colours to ensure you are covered for every fishing scenario

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