Berkley Gulp Slime

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Berkley Gulp Slime Fishing Attractant Scent

I was sceptical when I first heard about Berkley Gulp Slime Scent. I mean, really? Who in their right mind would want to put slime on their lure? We already have gulp gel, which is easy to apply and super effective, which has already made Berkley's Gulp products the undisputed king of fish attractants. Then I thought about it some more and decided that if there's one thing Berkley scientists are good at, it's developing new products that work, and Berkley scientists have done it again.

When Berkley designed the new Gulp Slime, they did so with the intention of it being a universal attractant. Berkley wanted anglers to be able to apply the Berkley Gulp Slime to any lure in any form and achieve success.

So, what are the significant differences between Original Gulp gel and the brand new Gulp Slime Fishing Attractant?  In its initial form, gulp slime is not a slime at all but a dry powder, and there is a little magic that needs to take place before Berkley Gulp Slime reveals all its glory.

So how does the process work? As mentioned, Berkley's Gulp slime starts as powder inside its jar. You then take any lure of your choice, wet it by dunking it in the water for a second and drop it inside the Gulp container, gently closing the lid behind it. Give the container a quick shake, take your lure out, and you're ready to cast. What happens next is Berkley's Gulp slime goes to work, turning from its powder form into a slimy substance that releases potent smell and taste attractants as soon as it hits the water. Any fish in the area will be drawn in by the powerful scent.

It's important to note that Berkley designed Gulp Slime to be an attractant and act as a fish holding agent once the fish initially takes the lure and before hookset. Berkley's Gulp Slime tastes so good to fish; they often hold on to your lure for an extended period, giving you those extra critical seconds, which could mean all the difference between reaching or not reaching hookset.

Features and Specifications

  • New Gulp Slime Fish attractant
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in a 1.8-ounce size container (approx 52 grams)
  • Creates a potent smell and taste that fish love via a 100% water-soluble clear slime trail
  • It can be applied to any lure
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  • The Berkley Gulp Slime is easy to use and can be applied to any lure, making it the perfect attractant for anglers of all levels.
  • Berkley's Gulp Slime also releases a potent smell and taste that fish love, making it an ideal attractant for those looking to increase their catch rates, whether in freshwater or saltwater.
  • Thanks to its unique formula, Berkley's Gulp Slime also acts as a fish holding agent, giving anglers extra time to reach the hookset.

With Berkley Gulp slime, you'll have the advantage of a universal attractant that increases your chances of success no matter what lure you use. So don't go fishing without it! Buy a jar of Gulp Slime today for sale now, right here at the fishing tackle shop.


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