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Barambah Bony Shad Lure

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$24.95 - $34.95
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Barambah Bony Shad Lure

Barambah Lures are killing it out on the water right across Australia. The Barambah Bony Shad Lure is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop and the words out that it’s already a legend lure for a larger class of barra.

Australian lure designer Matt Fraser is the brains and creativity behind Barambah Lures. His lure designs are pulling plenty of focus currently, and despite their high-end price point, his lures are flying off the shelves.

Before Barambah lures hitting the production line, anglers had to get in line and wait their turn as each hand made lure was individually crafted. Even though our hungry shelves are now stocked with lures, you still have to get in quick. Such is the demand for Barambah.

The Barambah Bony Shad Lure has interchangeable weights that allow anglers to set the depth. The slow to medium sinking shad can be fished from 1 foot to 30 foot. Simply change the position of the weights with the supplied screwdriver and weights.

A head-mounted tow-point and the realistic aluminium pectoral fins enhance the life-like swim action. Adding to the attraction is the built in drain holes in the weight chambers. Scent can be added here to entice a more aggressive attack.

The hard plastic shad body is articulated in 2 places, providing an irresistible swim action that’s just as real as the anatomically pleasant paint job.

Sold complete with weight kit and screwdriver, the Barambah Bony Shad Lure has two trebles which can be changed to suit your target or application.

While a barra must-have, The Barambah Bony Shad will be deadly when pegged against a host of fresh and saltwater species. Throw them at cod, barra, jacks, fingermark, flatties; you name it.

The versatility of the Bony Shad ensures it’s a go-to armament in a location that you fish. Buy a selection of colours and whack em in your trolley before we sell out. You don’t want to wait for these.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Hardbody Shad
  • Length: 120mm (4.7")
  • Weight: 25-48g (1.2-1.8oz)
  • Depth: 0.3m (1ft) to 10m (30ft)
  • Action: Life-like swim action
  • Buoyancy: Very slow to medium sink
  • Hardware: BKK
  • Bony Shad fishing lures are an ideal fishing lure option for fish species such as barramundi, murray cod, fingermark, queenfish, mangrove jack, mulloway and other larger inshore fish species.

Note: Price is for one single lure only. Multiple images are for reference only.


  • It is proven under tournament and charter conditions for a larger class of barramundi.
  • The variable depth options make the Bony Shad fishing lure exceptionally versatile.
  • The life-like swim action works in concert with the colours and anatomical design for outstanding realism.
  • The drain holes and weight chambers are the perfect scent release mechanism that encourages fish to attack more aggressively and hold the lure longer on strike.
  • The size and weight make it an ideal lure for chasing a larger class of fish without scaring off a smaller bite.

The Barambah Bony Shad Lure for sale now is an absolute must-have for barra anglers. However, such is the versatility of the Bony Shad; it’s an excellent option for a host of fish species in both the fresh and saltwater.


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