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Williamson Single Assist Hooks - Pack of 3

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    Product Description

    Williamson Assist Hooks for Jigging Lures For Sale (Packet of 3 hooks)

    If you own a range of vertical Jigs for deep water saltwater fishing then chances are you are at some stage sooner or later going to need to replace your assist hooks, weather a massive king has come and straightened one out, a toothy mackerel swims past and takes a swipe or your hook or if it has lost its edge or gone rusty.

    Williamson realise that whilst your metal deepwater jigs will usually last a great deal of time the assist hooks however will only have a limited life span so they have produced a range of serious and quality jigging hook rigs so that you can replace your assist hooks on your jigs with ease, they have also created a range of lengths and hook sizes for you to pick from when ordering from us and they come in a handy packet of 3.

    When you’re jigging the depths for big kings, amberjacks or samson fish. You need some serious tackle and some very serious hooks, Williamson Single Assist Hooks are just that. A serious jigging hook specifically designed for vertical jigging lures. Each rig is hand made using highest quality components and super strong VMC hooks.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Brand/Model: Williamson Single Assist Hooks

    ♦   Qty: 3 rigs per packet

    ♦   4x Extra Strong rated – VMC hooks which are extremely sharp

    ♦   Suitable for use with vertical jigging lures

    ♦   Semi Rigid

    ♦   Solid Stainless steel ring and extra heavy duty stainless steel split ring

    Note: Price is for 1 packet and price will vary depending on the size you choose from our order menu – select a size and its price will display

    Size specific details (choose from)

    ♦   SAH-XS: 3/0 Hooks & 2 inches of 130lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-S: 5/0 Hooks & 3 inches of 130lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-MS: 6/0 Hooks & 2.75 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-ML: 6/0 Hooks & 4.4 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-LS: 7/0 Hooks & 3.75 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-LL: 7/0 Hooks & 4.5 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-XLS: 8/0 Hooks & 3.5 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-XLL: 8/0 Hooks & 5 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-XXLS: 9/0 Hooks & 4 inches of 200lb Dacron

    ♦   SAH-XXLL 9/0 Hooks and 5.75 inches of 200lb Dacron



    ♦   Each Williamson Single Assist Hook features a 4X Extra Strong, extremely Sharp VMC Hook.

    ♦   The Williamson Single Assist Hooks are a semi ridged rig to stop messy tangles and hook fouling and for an added strike trigger a red heat shrink shroud it also resembles a bleeding baitfish.

    ♦   Each rig is handmade and features 130-200 lb Dacron depending on model you choose, solid stainless steel rings and Extra Strong Stainless split rings for added security when you’re hooked to that big fish.

    Restore your vertical jigs with Williamson Single Assist hooks or simply have some on standby for the next time that monster kingfish or tuna takes your jig and busts your hook.

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