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    Tear Aid repairs - how it works and what it can do

Tear Aid Patch Repair Kit

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    Product Description

    Tear Aid Repair Patch Kits For Sale (Choose Either Type A or Type B)

    Tear Aid. Remember that name. It would be wise to suggest you should never go camping without it. We’ll take it a step further and suggest it’s a good idea never to leave home without it, such are the miracle repair characteristics of this wonder product. There are two types simply called type A and Type B. Type A, suitable for a whole range of materials, has 90% immediate adhesive strength and has 100% adhesive strength after 1 hour. Type B is designed for vinyl and PVC only and is immediately ready for use and reaches 100% adhesive strength after 24 hours. If ever there was a product to knock duct tape of its king of the quick fix throne it’s Tear Aid. This is Australian ingenuity at its best. Tear aid will repair holes, rips and tears in just about all materials.

    One of the great features of Tear aid is that it’s not just a temporary fix. Tear Aid is incredibly strong, very elastic and won’t dry out or fade. Tear Aid is air tight and water tight. This clear finish adhesive is amazingly versatile. It doesn’t stop at the common tape fixes such as canvas, rubber, vinyl and plastic, Tear Aid will also deal with holes and cracks in materials such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel Fiberglass and more. Remember, products like gaff tape and duct tape were only ever a temporary fix. Tear Aid is not just a quick fix to an immediate problem, it is a permanent fix.

    Listing the applications, even just the obvious ones, would require a library. It’s safer to say, if the material is capable of getting a tear or a whole in it, Tear Aid is capable of fixing it. Ok, perhaps patching up the Titanic might have been too much to ask but it may well get you out of a nasty pickle while out in your own boat. Purchase a supply of both types of Tear Aid because there are a few places you just have to keep it. It’s a must for your camping and hiking kit. Keep it in your car and caravan. It a must for the boat and a great fix all in your fishing kit. Of course, you should have some strapped to the air bed permanently, if there is anything that leeks air, it’s your air bed. Carry it in your regular backpack, your bike kit and anyone that uses a sail of any kind should have it on hand always.

    Keep a stock of Tear Aid at home. It really is the best thing since sliced bread, and the cheapest insurance policy on the market.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Type A, multipurpose, Type B is for Vinyl and PVC

    ♦   Extremely strong

    ♦   Watertight

    ♦   Airtight

    ♦   Very elastic

    ♦   Does not fade

    ♦   Very versatile

    ♦   Does not dry out

    ♦   Permanent

    ♦   Ready for immediate use

    ♦   Retail pack includes 1 - 75mm x 300mm patch

    NOTE: Type B can be sold in boxes stating either Type B Seat Repair, Type B Vinyl Repair or Type B Inflatable Repair. They are the same patch kit just in different packaging so if you order type B you could be supplied either of these boxes. Price is for 1 box only


    Here is a list of materials that Tear Aid will fix


    TYPE A
    90% immediate adhesive strength
    100% adhesive strength after 1 hour
    TYPE B
    Immediately ready for use
    100% adhesive strength after 24 hours
    Airtex / Acrylate Advertising Balloons
    Auto Convertible Tops Air Mattresses Vinyl
    Awnings & RV Awnings Aqua Bubbles
    Backpacks Banners Vinyl
    Banners / Ballistic Nylon Belly Boats PVC
    Bimini tops Bicycle/Motorbike/Scooter Seats
    Bladders Bisonyl
    Boots / Butyl Boat Covers, Tops & Seats
    Camping Repairs Bottles / Tanks / Containers
    Canvas Sails / Canopies Camping Repairs
    Cordura / Cotton Convertible Windows
    Dacron / Domes Dashboards
    Fiberglass Fenders
    Fishing Waders Floaters
    Gore-Tex / Glass Inflatable Ads
    Horse Blankets / Rugs Inflatable Boats
    Hydra-Tex Jump Cushions
    Hypalon / Icarex Life Jackets
    Inflatables Furniture & Toys Mud Skirt
    Kites / Coopers Party Tents PVC
    Leather / Lycra / Mylar Portable Shelters PVC
    Monofilm Protected Clothing
    Neoprene / Nylon PVC Hoses
    Party Tents PE PVC Pond Foil
    Plastic/Sails/Toys/Water Toys PVC Tubes
    Polyamide / Polyester PVC Water Toys
    Polyethene / Polyurethane Sails
    Pond Foils Sporting Equipment
    Portable Shelters Sunbrella PVC
    Protected Clothing Swimming Pools
    Rain Coats / Gear / Rubber Tarps PVC
    Scuba Wetsuits & Drysuits Tent / Boat Windows
    Seats Truck Covers & Tarps
    Ski Suits / Sleeping Bags Vinyl Windows
    Sunbrella / Surfboards Waterbeds
    Tarps / Tents Water toys
    Trailer Windows Vinyl
    Tubes / Umbrella -
    Zodiacs -

    Tear Aid is an excellent repair system for a numberless list of indoor and outdoor applications. It should really be considered an essential tool. If you buy just one thing this year to add to your repair kits and tool kits, make it Tear Aid. You’ll be ever so glad you did.

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