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Surecatch Gut Brush - Fish Cleaning Tool

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    Product Description

    Surecatch gut brush fish cleaning tool

    Cleaning your catch has never been so easy that with the Surecatch Gut Brush by Wilson.

    Despite the excitement of a great haul of fish and a guaranteed feed of the freshest of seafood delights, no one ever really looks forward to cleaning them. Scaling and bleeding is messy enough, and then you have to pull the insides out. Fun. With the guts removed, it’s time to get inside and clean all those remaining bits by hand or with your knife. This is when we are often reminded that fish have plenty of sharp bits. Your hands are wet, you’re tired from a day out on the water, sunburnt and now wishing you had practiced a little more catch and release. Somehow you’ve managed to cut or spike yourself on said sharp bits and now you can’t tell if it’s your blood or the fish blood that pouring onto the cleaning table. But you know for sure that your finger hurts.

    Make the fish cleaning nightmare a thing of the past with the Surecatch gut brush. Simply remove the insides, then place your brush into the gut cavity and scrub. It’s as simple as that and you will never find a better, more complete method cleaning the insides of a fish. The gut brush will remove blood lines and residual gut flesh ensuring your fish is perfectly prepared for delivery to the table. Poorly cleaned fish do not keep well at all. Flavour is compromised as is food freshness and hygiene. The alloy non slip handle allows for excellent purchase on your brush, assisting you to move quickly through the messy job that few anglers enjoy doing. They’re a must for every tackle box, affordable and for sale now.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Aluminium Fluted Handle - No Slip

    ♦   Helps Remove Blood Lines

    ♦   Easily Cleans Gut Cavities

    ♦   For Better Tasting Fish

    ♦   Easy to Use

    ♦   Suitable for the professional or recreational fisherman

    ♦   Length 210mm



    ♦   The non-slip handle allows you to grip it and rip it. Work through your haul quickly and get the job done.

    ♦   No fish cleaning aid prepares your fish more completely for icing, cold store or immediate cooking.

    ♦   A better cleaned fish is a much better tasting fish. Nothing can remove bloodlines and residual gut flesh like the gut brush.

    ♦   It’s light weight, no problem to carry and stores in your tackle bag or box and cleans up easily in water after use.

    The Surecatch gut brush is essential kit for every angler who intends to keep the catch for the table. There is no more thorough and hygienic clean that with the gut brush. Purchase one with your spare change now and make cleaning fish a whole lot faster and easier.


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