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Sunline Floating Special - Orange Floating Fishing Line

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Product Description

Sunline Float Special – Floating Fishing Line

Gone are the days of heading to your local tackle shop and purchasing some mono, any old mono in your price range, with which to spool your favourite reel. Fishing line has become as specialised as every other aspect of fishing technique and fishing technology.

Sunline now offers the Sunline Float Special. It’s simple. When you want your line to float choose Sunline Float special. This is especially exciting news for luderick or blackfish anglers that prefer to fish with a floating fishing line.

The perfect example of the need for floating line might be the rock hopper throwing cunjevoi into reef and snag infested shallow waters, covered in white wash. Keeping your bait in the strike zone without it sinking into the snags is tough. Sunline Floating Special makes it a whole lot easier. If you’re targeting Bream, Drummer or Luderick from the rocks, spool up with Sunline Floating special. Get more hook ups and land more fish. What’s more, the bright orange colour and excellent abrasion resistance provide you with excellent control, strength and, visibility and durability.

Features and Specifications

♦   Colour: Orange

♦   100% floating

♦   Parallel spooling

♦   UV-R manufacturing eliminates ultraviolet rays and water absorption deteriorating the line

♦   Double Resin Processing for a very smooth line with excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength

200m Spool

#3.5   .310mm = Approx 14lb

#4   .330mm = Approx 16lb

#5   .370mm = Approx 20lb

#6   .405mm = Approx 25lb



♦   Excellent visibility so you know where your line is.

♦   Sunline research, development and quality control has ensured you get reliability, consistent performance and durability.

♦   Excellent UV qualities means you keep the same spool longer.

♦   Excellent strength giving you confidence in the battle.

♦   Top shelf abrasion resistance which is an absolute must in the harsh rock fishing environment.

♦   A slick profile allowing great casting performance throw after throw.

♦   Excellent knot qualities ensuring you have better chance and not losing a fish through poor knot strength.

Sunline delivers a product that does exactly what it says it will do. It floats. Moreover, it floats and provides all the other qualities desired in a floating fishing line that will see the sorts of heavy treatment only the rocks can deliver. Buy it, try it, experiment and discover all the other applications waiting for you to exploit the benefits of floating line. Sunline are leaders in application specific fishing line. The benefits are proven. See for yourself.



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