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Spotters Cruiz Gloss Black Frame CR39 Lens

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    Product Description


    Spotters Cruiz Gloss Black Frame CR39 Lens

    The Lenses of the Spotters Cruiz are large and this elongated structure allows excellent peripheral vision.

    The material used in the frame is an amorphous thermoplastic. Despite being sturdy the material is very flexible and fits comfortably. These properties of this material give the frame very high flexural fatigue strength hence the frame will retain its shape without compromising the comfort.

    The lenses of the Spotters Cruiz are polarized and are made from a material called Columbia Resin #39 or CR39 is a plastic polymer used in the manufacturing of the world’s best optical lenses.

    It is lighter, sturdier, has a slightly lower refractive index and has a higher Abbe number in comparison to crown glass hence it results in lesser chromatic distortion. The material is transparent to visible light but it is opaque to ultraviolet light thus it blocks-off ultraviolet radiation while allowing light to pass through, ergo protecting the users eyes from harmful UV-rays. The lenses can withstand extreme temperatures and is also highly resistant to abrasion/scratches,

    The Spotters Cruiz Sunglasses have three different lens colour options are available to choose from

    ♦   A grey lens that restores natural color perception.

    ♦   A copper lens that improves depth perception.

    ♦   A emerald lens that enhances vision in low light conditions.

    Features and Specifications


    ♦   The Gloss Black frame is made from an amorphous thermoplastic

    ♦   In the frame the lens opening stretches the most from the eyebrow to the cheek


    ♦   The lenses are made from Columbia Resin #39

    ♦   CR39 allows visible light to pass through but blocks-off Ultra Violet light

    ♦   The grey lens restores natural color perception, the Copper lens provides vivid color clarity and the emerald lens helps to enhance vision under low light conditions



    ♦   Large lend design giving a greater scope of vision and virtually zero blind spots

    ♦   CR39 is opaque to visible light and thus provides essential protection against UV-radiation

    ♦   The frame is light weight, durable and has exceptionally high flexural fatigue strength

    Set yourself to Cruiz control, because you’ll be the “Top Gun” with a pair of Spotters Cruiz Sunglasses


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