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Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 Fishing Reel

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    Product Description


    Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000 model Fishing Reel (SPECIAL DEAL  - Supplied with approx. $60RRP worth of lures FREE)

    Sale Starts and applies to all new orders for this reeel as of 10/06/2016 until all stock sold.

    Shimano Stradic Ci4 Plus (Stradic Ci4+) fishing reels picks up where the original Stradic Ci4 reels left off but now incorporate some incredible new features. As if the stradic CI4 fishing reel wasn’t already an awesome fishing reel to own and use, Shimano Stradic Ci4+ fishing reels are from 12-50% the weight and more than 200 times stronger than the original series.

    If you are wondering what the hype is surrounding Ci4 basically Ci4 means carbon interfusion (CI) and 4 meaning 4 electrons within the carbon atom. Forgetting the technical side and making it simple to understand basically it is reinforced carbon fibre made extra tough and now even tougher with the upgraded materiel CI4+

    Shimano Stradic Ci4+ fishing reels in a nut shell are a really strong, really tough and really light fishing reel with 6 shielded bearings that will make a superb fishing reel for light to medium fishing applications.

    Shimano stradic CI4+ Fishing reels are super resistant to rust if you are fishing a lot in saltwater situations or brackish water I would definitely consider the purchase of one of these beauties.

    X-ship gearing that Shimano have engineered is incorporated into the Stradic Ci4+ fishing reel which will deliver increased cranking power by more than 20% but this feature in the Stradic Ci4 Plus fishing reel will also extend the life of the gearing system in the reel.

    Shimano have introduced a new concept (magnumlite) in the fishing reel’s rotor which makes the handle rotation lighter giving you more precise handle control as well as better reel balance when retrieving line. This has been incorporated into the Stradic CI4 Plus fishing reels.


    Features and Specifications

    Reel ModelBearingsGear RatioLine capacity (mono)Line capacity (Power pro braid)Max DragWeight (approx)
    Ci4+ 1000FA 6+1 6.0:1 4lb/140yds 95 yards 10lb 7lbs 170g

    ♦   Model in This listing Stradic 1000 Ci4+ Fishing Reel

    ♦   Ultra-lightweight CI4+ Frame, Sideplate and Rotor Construction

    ♦   X-Ship gearing

    ♦   Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement

    ♦   Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller III, Redesigned Bail Trip, S-Arm Cam

    ♦   Aero Wrap II Oscillation

    ♦   SR-Concept: SR 3D Gear, SR Handle, SR One-Piece Bail Wire

    ♦   S A-RB Ball Bearings

    ♦   Aluminum Spool

    ♦   S-Concept: S-Rotor, S-Guard, S-Arm Cam

    ♦   Machined Aluminum Handle

    ♦   Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread In Handle Attachment)

    ♦   Round EVA Handle Grip

    ♦   WP Drag (Waterproof Drag)

    ♦   Maintenance Port

    ♦   Fluidrive II

    ♦   Floating Shaft

    ♦   Dyna-Balance

    ♦   Super Stopper II

    ♦   Repairable Clicker

    ♦   Approved for use in Saltwater

    ♦   Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and PowerPro lines

    Fishing Applications and Fishing Rod Selection Guide

    Shimano Straic Ci4+ (1000 Size) Is not limited to but is widely to be used as a light fishing reel to target fish species such as bream, bass, flathead and more in rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, bays etc.

    This model of Shimano Stradic CI4+ fishing reel will generally perfectly match to any light weight fishing rod rated somewhere around the 1kg up to 4kg mark of around the 6 foot to 7 foot 6 mark.



    ♦   There are so many benefits to purchasing a Shimano Stradic C14+ Fishing Reel. However the main couple will be that Shimano stradic Ci4+ Fishing reels are super light and super strong, super smooth and rust resistant. A perfect fishing reel for saltwater or freshwater use.

    ♦   X Ship gearing technology by Shimano delivers extra cranking power and protection on wear and tear on the internal gears.

    ♦   Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement will assist your Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Fishing reel in retaining its smoothness a lot longer.

    ♦   Shimano’s propulsion line management system enables you to cast further and assists in preventing those unwanted cast and wind knots.

    ♦   Aerowrap II provides you with a better and more even line lay which enhances your ability to take your next cast further and easier.

    ♦   Dyna-balance is going to eliminate wobbles which will give you greater sensitivity and smoothness in your stradic Ci4+ Fishing Reel.

    ♦   Super Stopper II Is Shimano’s anti backlash concept bearing that will eliminate back play and provide you with better hook setting capability.

    ♦   Fluidrive II within the Shimano stradic Ci4 Plus fishing reel will assist in polishing surfaces of the reel gears which will increase the effectiveness of your line retrieve and provide you with more power for less effort.

    ♦   SR Concept gives you a smooth fishing reel with silent operation and provides you with a strong fishing reel ready to handle some tough challenges.

    So let’s sum it up. If you are looking for an incredibly light and super strong fishing reel that will deliver terrifically high performance then you need to own one of these awesome Shimano Stradic Ci4+ Fishing reels.

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