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Shimano Anarchy Saltwater Jigging Rod

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    Product Description

    Shimano Anarchy Jigging Rods

    The Anarchy is built for jigging up the biggest and most tenacious fish our blue waters have to offer.

    Strong line rating gives more than a hint at the fighting power built in to a blank so strong you would swear it was game fishing not jigging. Lures up to 400 grams depending on the model you choose to purchase can be dangled precisely where you require them. You won’t however have to battle with significant weight on deck. The Anarchy uses Shimano X-technology. The strength built into the blanks is nothing short of phenomenal, while maintaining an amazing light weight feel.

    The balanced set up provides you with a level of comfort that significantly reduces the back braking fatigue that occurs during a long session or a frenzied fight. Big fish require the angler to use significant strength and stamina. The Shimano Anarchy Jigging Rod will work with you to ensure you can last the distance, absorbing the pressure of powerful runs, jarring head shakes and radical, unpredictable turns of speed and direction.

    The Anarchy Jig Rod is jigging excellence of the highest order. With few peers in its class and a list of inclusions that is unrivalled, the Anarchy commands attention. From drop to strike, from hook up to battle, to the anxious moment just before landing, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you had an Anarchy Jig rod with you to level the playing field. Our biggest fish require Shimano innovation, Shimano quality and Shimano Strength. The Anarchy jig rod is designed specifically for your big fish jigging adventures.


    Features and Specifications

    ModelLine Class (Arrox)PiecesLengthJig Weight
    PE3 15kg Pieces 1 1.63 metres 100-200 grams
    PE5 24kg Pieces 1 1.52 metres 150-300 grams
    PE8 37kg Pieces 1 1.52 metres 300-400 grams

    ♦   Blank constructed using Shimano Australia’s X Technology

    ♦   Guides: Fuji Alconite K series Tangle Free rod guide series

    ♦   Parabolic Arch Action

    ♦   Rubber ball series gimbal

    ♦   WEBO DPS Rod Reel Seat

    ♦   Outstanding strength couples with incredible light weight thanks to X Technology.

    ♦   Built for finesse without any sacrifice in raw power

    ♦   Sleek and stylish design

    ♦   Perfect for jigging with your favourite matching spinning reel or as a trolling rod with spin gear.

    Note: Images for illustration purpose only – Image is from a rod in the Shimano anarchy range however differences can occur - Price is for 1 rod only



    ♦   The Shimano Anarchy Jigging Rod is designed to give you access to our biggest species. You can hunt our biggest fish with total confidence.

    ♦   Painstaking hours of research and development have created a jigging master piece that will see you performing better on the water from cast to landing.

    ♦   The rod employs the best technology available to ensure all you need to is focus on technique because your rod is more than up to the challenge.

    ♦   Considering the pedigree and inclusions of the Anarchy Jigging Rod, this is an affordable piece of kit that will re-invigorate your total fishing experience.

    ♦   The build quality shows meticulous attention to detail. Shimano want you to know that your Anarchy will endure the Australian blue water environment and stand tall against the test of time.

    Getting out on the blue water to jig up big fish has become and expensive operation. The price of fuel and equipment means often make you feel anxious about making each trip a success. Having made the investment of time and money to get there you want to know you have the fishing rod that will never let you down when the action starts and the Anarchy is such a fishing rod.

    A relatively small investment to ensure that when you hit the fish you have a classy, market leading tool to get them into the boat. The Shimano Anarchy Jig Rod Put one in your shopping basket.



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