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Mirage Phantom Open Heal Fins

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    Product Description

    Mirage Phantom Dive Fins

    Mirage Phantom dive fins have so much to offer. For starters, they are incredibly comfortable open-heel fins. This design will afford you the luxury of being able to adjust them depending on whether or not you intend to wear booties or surf socks beneath the fins. What also aids the comfort is the wide-fit design of the foot pockets.

    Moving on from the supreme comfort of the open-heel fins, there is so much more they can do for you. For instance, the supersize blades allow for greater propulsion with less effort required. The flexibility of the blades will help you to avoid muscle cramps during extended periods in the water.

    At the heart of the Mirage Phantom dive fins is the unique central fin membrane. This is a design feature intended to improve the efficiency of the thrust. Mirage has achieved this by crafting the fins to channel water more effectively. These fins require a little less effort to reach top speed, helping you to swim for longer.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Available in sizes small to XXL

    ♦   Open-heel fins

    ♦   Supersize blades

    ♦   Unique central fin membrane

    ♦   Wide foot pockets

    ♦   Colour supplied can vary depending on supplier availability



    ♦   Mirage had developed the fins to be extra long and remarkably flexible, helping to increase propulsion and minimize the risk of cramping.

    ♦   An innovative central fin membrane efficiently channels water to deliver impressive thrust performance.

    ♦   Change these fins to find the perfect fit by adjusting the open-heel strap.

    ♦   Experience the superior comfort of wearing fins with wider foot pockets than you would get with lesser products.

    Mirage Phantom dive fins are an ideal purchase for when you wish to spend a little extra to get gear capable of even greater performance. These open-heel fins are adjustable, innovative, and incredibly easy to use. Order today from the Fishing Tackle Shop for greater propulsion and less cramping.

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