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LUCKY DIP CLEAROUT Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lures - 12 Grams Size

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    Product Description


    We all know Steve Starling or “Starlo” as one of Australia’s leading pro anglers. Regardless of his commercial affiliations you can rest assured if he is raving about a product it’s a certain heads up for the rest of us to get hold of it and have a go. The Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lures is such a product and Starlo insists its versatility and proven fish catching power makes it a necessary member of the top shelf in your lure collection. The 80mm 12 gram model featured and for sale here at fishingtackleshop.com.au will prove an awesome, versatile weapon in your hunt for Yellow Belly, Barra and Perch in the fresh and a magnet for Flathead, mulloway and mangrove jack in the salty stuff.

    The hybrid sensation is clearly not a fad. These soft vibe lures are far from mere shelf filler. These guys have impact and the Spanyid Sniper Vibe is leading the way. One of the best features is the versatility in retrieve. You can hardly get it wrong. The vibe will work brilliantly with a slow lift, a slow roll all the way to a straight fast retrieve. This give you the opportunity to match the conditions and experiment to best match the mood or current feeding habits of the species you target.

    This size will be ideal for your fresh water favourites such as Barramundi, saratoga and Yellow Belly and a fantastic weapon for hunting mulloway and Flathead in the rivers bays and estuaries. The durable construction will ensure you get lots of casts and lots of fish before replacement is required, making the Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lures 80mm 12 Grams Size outstanding value for money.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Length: 80mm

    ♦   Weight: 12grams

    ♦   Construction: Hybrid (PVC)

    ♦   Hooks: VMC trebles

    ♦   Action: Slow Lift, Slow Roll, Hop and Wind, Straight retrieve

    ♦   Through Wire: Rated to 26kg

    Note: Image is for illustration only price is for 1 lure only



    ♦   Ideal for a very broad selection of species in proven fish attracting colours.

    ♦   The VMC Trebles have outstanding penetration ensuring solid hook ups.

    ♦   Soft plastic coating is UV enhanced. Great for attracting fish when hunting evenings using manmade ambient light or extracting better performance on dull and cloudy days.

    ♦   Effective right through the water column.

    ♦   Outstanding versatility makes it the workhorse of your lure collection.

    ♦   Durable, hard wearing construction saves you money. More cast and fish for your lure dollar.

    If you haven’t got out and experienced the thrill of hybrid action now is your chance to do it with the best. Fish with the Spanyid Sniper Vibe Fishing Lures 80mm 12 Grams Size and find out why top anglers are going crazy over these little gems.

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