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Land and Sea Aristocrat Mask and Snorkel (single lens)

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    Product Description

    Land and Sea Aristocrat Mask and Snorkel

    What you get for your investment in the Land and Sea Aristocrat is a mask and snorkel set that epitomizes quality. And the best part of it all is that Aristocrat sets are keenly priced compared to those of other brands.

    Medical-grade silicone has been used to produce the skirt for the mask. Consequently, the mask creates an incredibly effective seal around your face that sacrifices no comfort. This lets you forget about the mask and focus on snorkelling.

    Crucially, the single-lens design of the Aristocrat creates a low volume of pressure between the mask and your face. Virtually all snorkelers agree that low-volume masks are more comfortable during transitions from under the water back up to the surface.

    The snorkels sold as part of these kits are a step above most Land and Sea creations. It all starts off with the standard dry tip, which is included to keep out water but what you also get is a deluxe purge chamber that will make it next to impossible for any water to enter your mouth as any water that gets in can be blown out trough the purge. This gives you the freedom to be even more adventurous while snorkelling. Land and Sea has also made the silicone mouthpiece replaceable, allowing you to upgrade after significant use.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Deluxe purge chamber

    ♦   Dry-tip snorkel

    ♦   Medical-grade silicone skirt

    ♦   Single-lens design for low-volume pressure

    ♦   Replaceable silicone mouthpiece

    Note: Image for reference only – Colours can vary depending on supplier availability



    ♦   Land and Sea has designed the mask with a single lens. This is to create a low-pressure environment within the mask for greater comfort during transitions from deep water back to the surface.

    ♦   Feel the comfort of a skirt made from medical-grade silicone. The seal is supremely effective yet still delivers astounding comfort.

    ♦   A deluxe purge chamber has been included instead of the standard purge valve, making it nearly impossible to swallow water.

    ♦   As ever, a dry tip has been included to act as the first line of protection before the deluxe purge chamber even needs to function.

    ♦   The silicone mouthpiece can be replaced whenever it eventually wears out.

    Start snorkelling In comfort and style with an Aristocrat mask and snorkel.



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