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Gillies Fly Fishing Outfit

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    Product Description

    Gillies Fly Fishing Outfits (Price is for 1 outfit - Choose between Saltwater or Freshwater kits)

    Have you ever tried out fly fishing before? Difficult, is it not? But make this a thing of the past with Gillies Fly Fishing Outfit! As the name implies, fly fishing is an angling method in which the fish are enticed with a ‘fly’ when they are being caught. This lure is extremely lightweight and is cast into the waters with a special Fly reel, Fly fishing rod, and weighted line. Plus, the angling techniques are also different from other fishing styles. In fact, a different fishing technique is required each time, depending on where you are fishing. The methods vary for streams, rivers, lakes, bays, estuaries, and oceans. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, fly fishing can be used to target many species such as trout, bass, pike, bream, flathead, whiting and more.

    The Gillies Fly Fishing Outfit is a great fly fishing rod and reel pack whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler. All the necessary equipment is included with the package.

    Gillies Fly Fishing Outfit includes a strenuous and heavy line, which ensures that the fly reaches the target fish. The lure can either imitate a flying or swimming action, or resemble a bait fish. Depending on the product you choose, the fly will either float or sink, going down to a depth ranging from a few millimeters to 30 cm. Flies are available in many patterns, sizes and colours to match the local baitfish and insects. (Flies are not included in this combo – you will need to source or make these)

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   Includes 1x Gillies fishing rod, 1x Gillies reel, fly line, tapered leader, backing

    ♦   Rod and reel made from graphite

    ♦   Length of the fishing rods: 9ft

    ♦   Rod is a handy 4 piece construction

    ♦   Weight: Choose from our order menu between 6wt for freshwater and 8wt for saltwater

    ♦   Fly line: WFF6 in freshwater kit and WFF8 is in the saltwater fly fishing kit

    ♦   Backing included

    ♦   Tapered Leader included

    Note: Price displayed is for 1 outfit only - Pick your model from our ordering menu: Either Freshwater model or saltwater model.



    ♦   The fishing line which is available with Gillies Fly Fishing Outfit has enough weight to carry the fly through the air and into the water until it reaches the target species.

    ♦   All the components are durable and can be used for many years.

    ♦   The Gillies Fly Fishing Rod is a handy 4 piece construction making it easy to travel around with and transport.

    So buy Gillies Fly Fishing rod and reel Outfit today, and make fly fishing easy for you!



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