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Daiwa Blast Micro Light Jigging Rods (Overhead)

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    Product Description

    Daiwa Blast Light Jigging Rods - BJ66XHB and BJ66XXHB (Overhead Style Model – Suits overhead reels)

    Jigging has always been the dominion of overhead anglers. For decades, the overhead reel dominated the jigging market. It was considered the only way to go and, the quintessential equipment, defining the fishing technique. Recent years has seen spinning reel technology advance to a point where it has come to challenge the impenetrable domain of the overhead. What’s more, the spinning reel has made such inroads as to surpass the old guard. That said, the diehard pundits of the old guard will never be swayed. The overhead reel and its companying rod will never be displaced by that young upstart, the spinning reel. No amount of technology will see the spinning reel replace the strength and majesty of its overhead superior. It can’t.

    Daiwa are fully aware of the passion of overhead enthusiasts. The overhead reel has its roots in angling tradition, and as this tradition passes through the generations, Daiwa recognise the need to provide for these purists. What’s more, they recognise that theses anglers want the best available in fishing rod technology to match their reels. The marriage of their perfect reels can only be considered if there is a perfect rod match. The Daiwa Blast Micro Jigging Rods is such a match. A union made in fishing heaven, destined to defy modern trends. The overhead selection of the Daiwa Blast light Jigging Rods is nothing short of brilliant. Strength meets user friendly light weight operation in sublime concert, and jigging fatigue is relegated to antiquity. The spinning reel bowse to rank of its overhead master, and tradition rivals change. The Daiwa Blast Micro overhead Jigging Rods are built for the jigging purist who fishes with light ligs. Stop your search, and get one now.

    Features and Specifications

    ♦   HSD – High Structural Density graphite blanks

    ♦   X45 blank technology

    ♦   Glatech blank construction

    ♦   Fuji O Series guides

    ♦   Surround hold reel seats

    ♦   Ultra tough EVA grips

    ♦   Type: overhead – Is designed to be fished with overhead reels only

    ♦   Sections: 2

    ♦   Length: 198cm

    ♦   Taper: Regular

    Note: Images are for illustration purpose only – variations may occur.

    Additional Specs on Each Model

    Model BJ66XHB

    ♦   Action Medium Light

    ♦   Recommended Jig Lure weight 60-150 grams

    ♦   Line Dating PE 0.6-1.5 (approx upto 15lb)

    Model BJ66XXHB

    ♦   Action: Medium

    ♦   Recommended Jig Lure weight 90-180 grams

    ♦   Line Dating PE 0.8-2.0 (approx upto 20lb)



    ♦   Incredible strength. The torque power of this rod removes all the fatigue associated with jigging.

    ♦   The class and style of the Daiwa Blast Micro Jigging Rods make it a no brainer in terms of rod selection. You can forget the headache of the search. You have found exactly what you’re looking for.

    ♦   The Daiwa Blast light Jigging Rods will completely alter your jigging experience from one of hard work, to one of pure joy and seamless performance.

    Your search is really over. You have found the perfect rod for your jigging application. The Daiwa Blast Micro Jigging Rods are designed just for you. The only thing you have to do is decide which action is best suited to your needs. They’re not exactly small change, but the quality of the Daiwa Blast Jigging Rods should be met with a relative price. Having said that, they’re nothing but lunch money compared to what you spent on your boat.

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